Joe Downing

Personal website

This is my personal website with an assortment of pages relevant to me. Enjoy.


Software engineer

Working for:

paymentsense & Dojo

Studied at:

University of York

About me

I have recently graduated from the University of York where I did a degree in computer science. Now I am working for paymentsense & Dojo, where I did a placement year between my 2nd and 3rd year of studies. My role is a software engineer coding predominantly in Go, working with micro services, websocket communications and APIs.

On this site I will be creating pages about my interests or other things I find useful to have here. The main focus originally will be photos I've taken! Starting with photos taken on my phone (LG G7 then a OnePlus 8 pro), then with my first camera (Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82) and most recently a Canon EOS R7.

I love all things to do with animals, from visiting any wildlife park, zoo or even pet shop I can, to researching all animals extant or extinct. Recently I have started enjoying birdwatching, mainly with the aim to photograph them. I am pretty active and go to the gym regularly as well as playing table tennis, which was a sport I played in the uni team for in the local league.

My two Hermann's tortoises, Walle & Evan

Originally named Wall-e and Eve, after the Pixar film, we found out their sexes are the other way round after 4 years of owning them, so are now Wallette and Evan! Tortoises don't show any sign of which gender they are when young and only start to show sexual dimorphisms after 4-10 years.